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Student's Perspective 

At KAMK, students experience the educational environment as small-scale and personal – thanks to our teaching staff that places great emphasis on personal guidance and supervision. Flexible study paths are an advantage that we can offer our students.    

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Issa Maluf, Brazil   Sarianna Juntunen, Finland
I'm a graduate with the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Studies. After graduation, I found a job with the company where I did my practical training and also my thesis. I would encourage other students too to find a place where you'd like to work and or an activity you'd like to engage yourself in and spend the final stages of your studies involved with it. This way you'll be pushing and opening yourself for the new opportunities that life presents you constantly.

  I chose the International Business degree because I wanted to study in an international atmosphere and maintain my language skills. I've always been interested in entrepreneurship and during my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in a JA Start Up Program. With three other students who didn't know each other in advance, we came up with a business idea and now we are running our own company within KAMK's student-run cooperative "Kajability".  

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Nikita Goncharenko, Russia   Elisa Kemppainen, Finland

The KAMK Sports and Leisure Management Degree was a great starting point in my personal and professional growth. During my studies, I got the chance to obtain work experience from five different football clubs. I've learning about potential jobs in the field, employee responsibilities and also received useful contacts for the future. After graduation, I now work in a football club developing an amateur league, organizing peripheral events and also coaching junior and adult teams.           


I love the International Business degree because it opens doors all over the world. During the studies, we've carried out a considerable amount of projects with companies and that has provided me with valuable experience and contacts. At KAMK, it's not just about reading, you get the chance to be active and actually do things that are useful in working life. KAMK also actively encourages students to go for exchange. I did my exchange in Canada, and during that time, I was well looked after by staff at KAMK.

Mari Kaipainen, Finland    
My name is Mari and I have recently graduated with the Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. Already from the beginning of my studies, I knew that I want to join the double degree programme and complete a parallel bachelor’s degree with a partner university in Germany. I’ve always seen my future abroad so the double degree seemed to be a great option to combine the Finnish good quality education and a degree from another European university. All the way from the beginning, the staff and teachers encouraged me to go for my goals. I studied according to a personal study plan which enabled me to graduate within the normal study time, even though I spend a year in a German university and three practical trainings abroad. Studying in Germany is a lot more theoretical so I enjoyed doing the very practically-oriented specialization studies in wellness tourism back in Kajaani. Based on my experience, I can warmly recommend KAMK as a study place – the student’s wellbeing is a top priority here.