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Life at KAMK is not only studying

"I’m studying International Business at KAMK. My path officially started with the decision to study abroad and accidentally I picked Finland especially Kajaani out of many other places to be my very first destination because of its top world educational rank. Until this moment, I am glad with what I have done in KAMK and very pleased with every opportunity offered by school. The lecturers here are very good and helpful and I have a chance to work with people from all around the world through many school business projects or co-operation project with the students from Sports as well as Game Development in a very proactive, dynamic and international environment.

We have arranged several Asian celebrations together, connecting students to this small community and at the same time, we’ve been able to introduce the Asian culture to our fellow students.

It is the best experiences when I can learn the theories as well as how to apply it into the real life tasks at the same time with the support and instruction from school lecturers. Moreover, I appreciate the opportunities to improve my communication skills: getting new friends, learning new languages and new culture. Overall, the courses have a good contribution in identifying my own majority in the future and developing my skills in both social skills and business skills. With the practical experiences offered by KAMK, I hopefully may find out my dream job in the future."

Doan Phan Thao Chi, Vietnam (third from left in the photo below)



Having fun