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My perfect day ...

KAMK students share their experience with you by telling about their special day in and around Kajaani. Maybe their experiences are an inspiration for your perfect day when living in Kajaani. Find out ...


Elena_100px.jpg   Elena (from Russia) - My perfect day at KAMK            

I would like to share my most memorable day in Kajaani, studying at KAMK. Actually, there are many days which I can mark as unforgettable. However, ... (Read Elena's story >)

Trip_Paltaniemi1_100px.jpg   Markus (from Germany) - My perfect day in Paltaniemi            

On a sunny warm day in early September gather as many friends as you might find not learning behind their desks (believe me, you will find many!), take a volleyball and something to eat and drink … (Read Markus' story >)


Jenny (from Finland) - My perfect day in Vuokatti

One of the many reasons why I decided to apply to KAMK, for the Sports and Leisure Management program was the environment in Kajaani and the winter sports activities that it provides as well as the nearness of ... (Read Jenny's story >)