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It is fairly easy to find a place to live in Kajaani. The company Kiinteistö Oy Kajaanin Pietari offers affordable and modern shared accommodation and also bigger, so-called 'family apartments'. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1 – 3 km from the campus area. Internet connection is available for all student apartments for a separate price.

Accommodation on Campus
(Ketunpolku 5)

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) arranges accommodation to exchange students based on the exchange applications. Please note, that students coming to study for a full degree, should apply for accommodation on their own. However, KAMK International Office provides detailed instructions on how to apply. 

Mainly international students live on campus, in Ketunpolku 5. For students coming from abroad this is an easy option as all furniture is provided in these shared apartments. On campus, there are 5 students to one apartment, all have their own rooms (only one tenant per room!), the kitchen and bathrooms are shared. Each apartment has two bathrooms. The accommodation also offers shared laundry and sauna facilities. The rent is currently 325 euros per month and it includes water and electricity. There is a separate fee for the use of laundry room and sauna. 

Please pay attention to the starting date of your lease agreement. It will be written in your accommodation offer. A deposit worth 340 euros must be paid before arrival (the prices may vary). You will receive an accommodation offer directly from the company providing the accommodation. Unless the deposit is paid according to the instructions, we cannot guarantee the availability of accommodation.

Further information

What to bring?

In Ketunpolku 5, the rooms are furnished but there are no blankets, pillows, bed linen or towels available. The availability of kitchenware varies as it's based on what's left in the rooms by the previous exchange students. A blanket and pillow set can be bought from the Student Union KAMO on arrival. Please note that the set must be ordered in advance (fill in the Notice of Arrival to order one)! The price of the blanket and pillow set is 25 euros.

In other furnished student apartments (Lohtajankatu, Kaikukatu) the mattress is also missing and there may be less kitchenware available. 

Internet Connection

An internet connection is available in student accommodation, the price depends on the type of connection. The tenants in one apartment can share the connection. The internet connection is provided by a company called Kaisanet (address: Pohjolankatu 20) and agreements are made after your arrival.


Other types of accommodation

Of course you can also find other types of accommodation in Kajaani. But it is a bit more complicated. When renting a room from private markets, the price will most likely be on the same level and also, in most cases, you'll have to buy the furniture (bed, table, chair, sofa...) yourself.  

It is also possible to apply for a bigger student apartment together with your classmates. 


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Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation in Kajaani
Student Accommodation on campus
(Ketunpolku 5)

An apartment in Ketunpolku 5 An apartment in Ketunpolku, 5 rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms & showers (picture from: www.kajaaninpietari.fi)