Free-time - Go out and have fun! 

Kajaani is a small town but you can find different options for free-time activities if you just go ahead and look for them. Kajaani is small enough to feel safe, but at the same time it does offer everything you need. Short distances save costs of public transport as you can easily find a second-hand bicycle to find your way around the town.

If you love movies, you can enjoy our comfortable cinema Bio Rex in the city centre. 3D -movies are available and best of all - the movies will be shown on their original language with only subtitles in Finnish. The tickets can be expensive though! The town centre is small and compact with limited shopping possibilities. There are some clothes shops, obviously (such as H&M for example) and nice cafés where you can spend time. In Kajaani there is a Chinese restaurant, a Nepalese restaurant and a sushi bar, in addition to more traditional restaurants and pizza / kebab shops.

Kajaani has a modern and comfortable swimming hall called "Kaukavesi". There are several different kinds of pools for swimmers but also a good gym. The swimming hall is also located conveniently near the city centre. In Vuokatti, 30 km away from Kajaani, there is also a spa called Katinkulta.

The nature is nearby and you can enjoy the fresh air everywhere. If you live on campus, you can step out from your student apartment and enjoy the peaceful and quiet forest around the campus, remembering that the town centre is only a 15-minute walk away!

Take a look at the videos one of our students has made during her studies in Kajaani:


For Sports Lovers

For sports lovers, you can find most the hobbies you can think of from karate and judo to ballet and dancing. The tutoring students can help you find the one you prefer, as most sports organisations' web pages tend to be in Finnish. On campus, KAMK Sports offers sports services accessible for all skill levels for students. We offer instructed group fitness lessons and possibility to use the sports locations of the campus independently.

Those interested in winter sports, you can go downhill skiing or snowboarding on the small slope near the campus or go to Vuokatti, 30 km from Kajaani, for bigger slopes.

Recreational opportunities in Kajaani 

  • Kajaanihalli / Kajaani Sports Hall (ball games, gymnastics, gym)
  • Kajaanin liikuntapuisto / Kajaani Exercise Park (football pitch, baseball field)
  • Vimpelinlaakso / Vimpeli Valley (Ice Rink, Tennis Hall, Ball Games Hall, Athletics Field, frisbee gol)
  • Kajaanin keilakeskus / Kajaani Bowling Centre
  • Kajaani Golf
  • Skeittihalli / Skateboarding Hall 
  • Kaukavesi Swimming Hall

 Free-time and Leisure 

  • Student night and events arranged by the Student Union KAMO
  • Exciting nightlife in the town’s many bars, clubs and restaurants
  • Biorex Cinema
  • Kajaani Municipal Theatre

Other recreational opportunities 

  • Fishing, hiking, riding, camping