Living in Kajaani

Kajaani is a small lively town and home for about 38,000 inhabitants. It is located in the central heart of Finland, southeast of Oulujärvi. Student life in Kajaani is easy living: distances are short and services are of high standard. The town has all the necessary services, yet is small enough to feel safe. And of course you will find enough places (bars, clubs) for exciting evenings with your friends.  

Four distinct seasons provide a variety of settings ideal for a wide range of unique experiences. For example during warm and long summer days you can swim in the clear waters of Oulujärvi, go on a canoe tour or just relax and enjoy the sun.

In contrast, in the winter you can experience outside temperatures up to minus 25 degrees.
But don´t worry, inside it will be still comfortable and warm. Due to low humidity, however,
Finland's climate is actually not as cold as temperature readings might seem to indicate.
And sometimes you can even experience the colourful northern lights, which are amazing
especially for students from outside Finland.

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Afraid of the Cold?
Video: Exploring Paltaniemi

A sunny day in Kajaani: Hiking trip

The video is made by a group of exchange students.

Northern lights in Kajaani

Vuokatti:    ~ 30 km
Oulu:  ~ 185 km
Kuopio:  ~ 170 km
Rovaniemi:  ~ 340 km
Inari:  ~ 650 km
Helsinki:  ~ 550 km


Did you know ...

Elias Lönnrot, famous for compiling the national epic Kalevala, lived in Kajaani between 1833 and 1853.