Events and activities for Students

A part of the Student Union KAMO is KAMO International. The KAMO International arranges extracurricular activities and events open for all students. The aim is to offer possibilities for Finnish and foreign students to meet and have fun together. Please feel free to share any ideas of activities or events with KAMO!

The tutoring students and KAMO International arrange for example game nights, student parties, food evenings, watching sports together (local games) etc. In addition, the international groups usually go to a husky safari, visit Rovaniemi & Santa Claus and also spend a weekend in Ruka hiking and having fun.

Events for the academic year

The following events are examples of what happens in student life during the academic year. The events and their timing vary a bit on a yearly basis, also depending on the weather.  

August  Orientation Weekend                   January  Bowling night
September   Get together -events (bowling, sauna)      Ice swimming
   Walking tour in Kajaani
   February    Husky Safari
   Soccer game Finland vs. rest of the world         Sledding
October  Hiking trip to Ruka (weekend)    Ice fishing
   Possibility to try Ice-hockey    March  Outdoor activities day
   Fuxi-party for new students    April  Snow shoeing
November  Show your colours -party    May  Marshmallow party 
 Marshmallow roasting
     Rowing contest staff vs. students
December  Trip to Rovaniemi                  Farewell party
 Ice swimming 












Examples of the events

Soccer Game “Finland vs. Rest of the World”

One popular event is the annual soccer game “Finland vs. Rest of the World” where Finnish and International students “fight” for the cup. It is always a thrilling game with a lot of fun for players and the cheering audience.

Impressions of soccer game 2014. Who won? – Doesn´t matter! We had fun!



KAMO Ball Evening

Dress up for year’s most glamorous party! Every year students and staff enjoy Delicious Food | Great Live Music | Dance & Fun

Impressions of Ball Evening 2015